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Need a Support Forum?
to help your customers
Want to improve your product?
get their feedback

Add a Talkyard forum at
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A bit similar to StackOverflow, Slack, Discourse, Reddit

Happy customers — Questions & Answers

Ideas & Feature requests

Improve your product.

Support chat

Add a support chat, for quick questions.

Talkyard's chat is fairly basic. Slack, and others like Mattermost, Zulip and RocketChat, are better.

Your blog — for content marketing?

Blog comments

Add a comments section to your blog. Talk with your readers. Read more here.

No need to sign up twice — user accounts in the forum, work at the blog too.

Scales with you startup

Create user groups and sub categories, as you get more and more customers and features.

Add a second Talkyard instance (maybe behind a VPN and firewall) for internal help, discussions and ideas — see

Big discussions

Recent replies — find them

You return to a threaded discussion the next day — and want to find new replies? Just open the sidebar, click the Recent tab.

Other software — like StackOverflow, Reddit, HackerNews — require you to re-read the whole discussion from top to bottom, to find any new replies.

Jump and save time

Navigate large discussions, also on mobile: Click to jump to the parent comment and refresh your mind. Then click Back, to continue reading.

Assign Tasks

See who's doing what (e.g. answering a question or impementing a feature).

Groups & Permissions

Create custom user groups. Grant permissions.

Shape your Community

Custom branding: Change colors and the top navigation bar to match your main website. Use Like and Unwanted votes to encourage good behavior and staying on-topic. Work in progress.

Open Source

Install Talkyard on your server. Automatic software updates. Single Sign-On and API. One installation can host many communities.

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